This book is written by 16 experienced geologists with first hand knowledge of the geology of Iraq and deals with all aspects of the country’s geology. The aims of the book are to present a synthesis of the geological history of Iraq and a description of its economic geology, and to provide a key reference for both students and professional geologists. It updates the text books of Buday (1980) and Buday and Jassim (1987). The book includes previously unpublished information collected during the regional geological surveys of Iraq carried out from 1970 to 1990. Each chapter has been extensively edited to create a concise text. The stratigraphy of Iraq is placed within a consistent tectonostratigraphic framework.

The formation of basement of the Arabian Plate in Late Precambrian time is discussed. The fabric of the basement has strongly influenced the Phanerozoic evolution of Iraq. A new model for the plate tectonic evolution of the north eastern margin of the Arabian Plate is introduced. The tectonic framework of Iraq is described based on regional outcrop, subsurface and potential field data. Tectonic units of the Stable Shelf, Unstable Shelf and the Zagros Suture are defined. The chapter on Seismicity describes the history of seismic monitoring in Iraq, micro and macroseismicity, historical seismicity, seismotectonics and seismic hazards.

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